Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Department (2012) - Hindi Movie.

I seriously beg to differ from the usual opinion on the movie big time. If you haven't seen it yet - I would say take a look and if you have seen it - let me know what you feel about it. The big big turn off and the biggest irritant is the typical and jarring camera work of RGV which is his patent I guess. If he would have hold the camera straight as normal human directors do - it would have been a wonderful movie. But just because of the lousy camera you actually lose interest in the movie and narrative too isn't able to hold your interest.

What makes me feel sad is a great opportunity lost for guys like Deepak Tijori, Abhimanyu Singh and Rana Daggubatti. As this movie will make no impact on neither their pocket nor box office image of Big B or Sanju Baba. But am sure Rana, Abhi and Deepak must had big hopes from this which goes in vain. I was so sad to see their serious efforts go trashy. RGV should never be forgiven for this disaster. Even the item girl is too hot and damn good but again the freaking camera makes her look so ugly that I'm sure she aint getting any good breaks cause of this one song. Also, the girl who played Sanju's wife and Abhimanyu's girl friend were both too good but look damn bad cause of those crazy angles.

I read on some online portals that RGV actually gave a dozen hand held camera's to his assistants and let them shoot from their own angles and then mixed everything as a movie. Even Big B mentioned it in one of his blogs that at times he was confused which camera was shooting with so many ON cameras on all sides of the set. And the end result is in front of us all to see. I was shocked to see RGV too depending so hard on Hindi Cuss words. Its hilarious to see those forced use of words. Just to get some claps and chEers from front rows - they take this short cut now a days. Its heart breaking.

The camera work is so poor that I must tell you this - while I was watching the movie - my 6 year old daughter walked in thrice and asked me "Papa, what videos are you watching?" As the whole movie is no better than the home videos we shoot from our digicams :). Although the last half hour of movie is too gOod to be missed. Super old school action shot with a straight and sane camera. I love slow motion action and last fight between Sanju and Rana was too good. Also, the twist in the end will make you definitely think that a sequel is right round the corner ;).

RGV fans will never forgive him for this one as this will go down as the yet again the worst of Big B and Sanju Baba. Second time for Big B and a first disaster for Sanju. Who if media is to be believed sworn never to work with him again. Its a lesson in "how and what not to do while making a movie" hence was a must see for me.

Give it a royal ignore. Watch it if you want to see what I mean by this short review.

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