Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blue Caprice (2013) - Drama in real life

Another movie inspired by the real life events as it happened in 2002 in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. I had no idea what the movie was all about and it was such a haunting experience watching it as a movie that I just can’t imagine how it would be in real life. In today’s time it is so common to read about random shootings especially in USA – almost every other week some psycho will pick up a gun and start shooting innocent people just like that – unfreaking believable. Two men decide to take a revenge on the world just like that – start killing people randomly – whoever wherever – it was heartening to see why they do it and how it was all done. Movie’s background score is equally haunting and one thing that will always be engraved in my mind about this particular movie is the sound of that sniper gun – oh my god – terrific was the way it’s all shot. What goes through the mind of a killer when the start killing people in cold blood – I have no words to explain. How they bloody capture the innocent teenagers and brainwash them to do all that is totally mind-blowing. For a moment I thought otherway round that he is going to help the poor kid by taking care of him and will put him to good work or something – what they end up doing is something you’ve got to watch the movie for. The planning, preparation, training and final execution that too with no expression as if they weren’t doing anything abnormal. I will definitely give it a good 3.5/5 rating – although it isn’t an easy watch but is definitely a must watch.

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