Friday, January 24, 2014

Enough Said (2013) - Romance / Comedy

One of the best romantic movies of 2013 for sure as In their year-end tabulations, Rotten Tomatoes dubbed Enough Said the fifth best-reviewed wide release of 2013 and the runner-up for the best-reviewed romance of 2013 (second to Before Midnight) – and I totally agree with that after seeing the movie. James Gandolfini in one of his best roles so far and can also be called his last as he is no more (Died in June 2013 in Italy, during a brief vacation in Rome), I just realized by his wiki page – it’s very unfortunate. We have seen him earlier in so many movies mostly in support roles but this one was simply outstanding – never imagined him in a role like this and will never forget either. The movie is about Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is a professional masseuse who meets Marianne (Catherine Keener) in a party with Albert (James Gandolfini) as her friend. She starts dating Albert without knowing that he is actually Marianne’s x husband who she starts giving massage and becomes friendly. The roller coaster ride starts after her realization and how their relationships go through a topsy turvy drive because of each other’s influence and past. With two teenage daughters and friends in picture too – it makes up for a hilarious joy ride of sorts and I must say – it’s a solid 90 minute movie which kept me engaged for most of its run time. You’ve got to watch this one for James Gandolfini – I must say – you’ve got to watch how he “Whispers” – that will have you in splits – totally loved it.  I will definitely give it a good 3.5/5 with a two thumbs up recommendation for all – a great time pass movie with good message. BTWs Eva drives a Toyota Prius and I must say its boot is humongous as it swallows her folded massage table. Go for it – you will love it.  

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