Friday, January 17, 2014

Her (2013) - Romance

I simply love movies which have one or two characters only and the whole story revolving around their lives – I mean the lesser the characters the better is the insight. Now imagine a movie with one lovable introvert guy (Joaquin Phoenix in an freaking outstanding character) who recently got divorced by his childhood sweetheart (Confession: I’ve got to see the movie again to know why she leaves him), he writes letters for those who have problems expressing their feelings and what he writes – you’ve got to hear – its simply fantastic. One fine day he buys a new operating system for his computer which has artificial intelligence and talks back to him and is super intelligent as well, voice over done by Scarlett Johansson. What pursue are heart to heart conversations between him and his operating system from casual discussions to life – he actually falls in love with the machine. I was actually expecting a surprise turn of events that it can’t be a machine that he was talking to and one fine day she will straight walk in to his life – because the character is so life like unbelievably kool, or does she really walks in to his life? You’ve got to watch the movie to find out. I can only say it has a little scary but a great ending. The movies best part is their interaction and how they start living and enjoying each others company, the way he shows her everything with the help of his mobile camera – it’s totally rocking stuff. One thing which indeed shocked me was Amy Adams in the movie on a thankless role – I wonder why she agreed to do this one? Her character has no scope of any development and will hardly be remembered for this one. Joaquin is too good – imagine this guy almost retired from the movies not so long ago and what a comeback he had with three back to back fantastic movies. He is at such an ease with the character that it feels like it was a kind of cake walk for him, I will definitely look forward to watch this one couple of times more in very near future and will give it a damn good 4/5 with two thumbs up and a very high recommendation to all romantic movie lovers.

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