Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Fifth Estate (2013) - Thriller

This movie I will always remember as a heart break movie of 2013 for me – as my expectations sky rocketed with the subject in hand and because of the two fantastic guys they picked up as leads – Superb Benedict Cumberbatch with amazing Daniel Bruhl playing Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg respectively. Obviously my respect and love for both of them have grown multifold after Star Trek and Rush this year and hence the expectations too. Unfortunately with that kind of subject in hand – I was expecting a solid thriller but what this one turns out to be is a total drama which looked more like an informative documentary than a thriller. If it wasn’t for those two guys – I am sure I would have left it midways as it’s a little more than two hours long with hardly any thrilling or edge of the seat moments. One doesn’t needs to blow off buildings and chase cars or bikes to make it thrilling always. Almost all the incidents it covers were the ones which made headlines not so long ago and the audience is able to connect but what doesn’t works in favor of the movie (for me at least ) is the way it all is shown and told. Even after it ends – I was expecting to see the real Julian but no ways even that didn’t happen. The only good thing and saving grace for the movie was the two leads – Benedict is too good and so was Daniel – watch out for their chemistry and amazing performances. Unfortunately I will have to give this one a real bad 2.5/5 as this became one of those movies of the year which left me confused and asking for more. Give it a miss if you haven’t seen it yet as it’s not worth it rather pick up Star Trek / Rush again and enjoy them thoroughly.

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