Thursday, January 09, 2014

Sholay 3D (2014) - Thriller / Action

How do you rate or review a movie you have grown all your life watching or talking about? When I first heard that it will be rereleased that too in 3D format – I guess the whole of my generation was doubly excited about the same. And to top it off the time of its release coincided with my parents visit to Mumbai. It was truly a mind-blowing experience to say the least – 200+ minutes of sheer fun watching my parents duck the bullets coming out of screen, flying debris, those amazing chase sequences live on big screen with superb background score. Almost every word said by that stellar cast is something I remember by heart and I was actually saying it in my mind before even they could say the same. This isn’t the first time that I saw the movie on big screen – this was my second viewing – first was somewhere in late 80’s I saw it as a part of one film festival back home. 3D definitely added an amazing 3rd dimension to the movie – it was almost like peeking inside a window and watching everything come alive. Although the quality of the same is highly debatable but wasn’t bad from any standards – if you’ve seen it – I am sure you will agree. It is one heck of a movie that you see as many times – it connects damn well with the audience and to tell you the truth it became another first of those movies where I witnessed that not one soul walked out of the auditorium till it was finished – that’s something I haven’t seen in years (Especially couple of last year’s). I haven’t seen a better thriller / action / comedy / drama – all in one almost in all departments and the less said about the cast the better. I will definitely rate it a fundoo 5/5 for sure, have lost count how many times I have seen it and dunno how many more times I am going to see it in future. If you haven’t seen it on Big Screen yet – times is to take a break – do not miss it at any cost.

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