Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) - Adventure / Comedy

I like Action / Adventure movies and when I read somewhere that this one had Ben Stiller at the helm of things – I was doubly excited – imagine a movie Directed by him with himself in lead as Walter Mitty and the bonus is Sean Penn in a kool cameo. It turns out to be an amazing roller coaster laugh riot with a perfect ending, although it gets a bit predictable but who cares as long as you are having fun with it. Walter works with a magazine as a negative assets manager (Photographs) which is about to close shop and go online – for the final issue he needs to develop a picture sent by photojournalist Sean (Sean Penn) which he misses – what pursues is a roller coaster ride to find the lost negative. Oh and before I forget – he has a crush on his colleague too who has a young son – you’ve got to watch out his short meeting with the son and superb skate board stuff this guys shows him. The movie has it all – starting from updating his profile on a dating site to a terrific business class ride to Greenland, Jumping on sea from a chopper to fighting with a shark, taking a bike / skate board ride to an erupting volcano, scaling himalayas and so much so that I actually lost count of his adventures – all in all it’s a must watch for comedy / action lovers. I will definitely give it a good 3.5/5 and highly recommend it. I wonder what critics were expecting from this one as I believe none of them recommend this one. Not to be missed at any cost.

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