Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Paradise Faith (2012) - Drama

The second part of Austrian director Ulrich Seidl’s Paradise Trilogy, first one was about Love in which a middle aged lady from the same family travelled to Kenya to find love. This one talks about the second lady who is trying to promote Catholicism throughout the Austria. Its heartening to see her going door to door to propagate her religion that too while she was on vacation from her X Ray Assistants job. The kind of people she meets, some do open the doors for her and listen to her, and some abruptly turn her away, yet she keeps doing what she loves doing. Her dedication to Jesus is simply amazing – it was too good to see so many photographs, crosses and even a framed picture of “Pope” on her kitchen wall. She too had a dark past for which she keeps punishing herself and the way she says “Thank you Jesus” after is totally mind blowing stuff. The way she takes her own life like a challenge is something outstanding – even while her estranged husband who is paraplegic below waist returns – she accepts him back and how it turns out is another shocker. I am not an atheist even then it’s too hard for me to go to a temple and join my hands in prayer in front of a statue – although I never stop my family from doing what they want to do but I never promote my religion either. The one thing that I totally loved about this movie is – it never goes judgmental but all we see is the lady’s dedication to her god and religion. It indeed is a little bit crazy, even violent and bizarre too – some scenes are over done but I guess that’s how Ulrich Seidl likes his movies and it successfully shakes the audience inside out. He indeed made me feel for the characters, it’s simply amazing to see – to what extent a person can go. I will rate it a damn good 4/5 with a must watch recommendation to all as I myself look forward to the concluding part “Paradise Hope” this weekend.

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