Thursday, January 23, 2014

Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) - Comedy / Drama

Coen Brothers are back and how! One heck of an amazing movie partially based on the life of folk singer Dave Van Ronk. When I saw the poster for the first time – unfortunately didn’t read as who made it rather I was more keen on the two people in it – Justin Timberlake (Hardly any footage) and Carey Mulligan (Not much role either). Surprisingly the movie turns out to be too good as one can expect by their Writing and Directing the same – even the music and songs were too good – it was hard for me to keep my feet flat on ground while watching this one. I wonder why is it that all the Rock / Pop Stars are drug addicts but country / folk singers are strugglers – at least in all the movies that I have seen in last one decade that’s how they have been projected. This one shows us a week in the life of Llewyn Davis (Fantastic Oscar Isaac) – a folk singer whose album “Inside Llewyn Davis” has recently released and is unable to sell. He is couch hopping to pass his days at his friends and acquaintances places, have no friends or success anywhere. How he goes to Chicago from New York to meet a Music Producer whose not impressed by him anyways – comes back and tries to kick start his career is the movie all about. Movie is quite engrossing with damn good songs thrown in the story – even the jingle that they compose was way too good and hilarious. His struggle to make the ends meet, no success, no job, keep up with friends / family, he may have a son too somewhere plus his hitch hiking to places makes up for quite a decent watch. I will definitely give it a good 3/5 and will call it a good time pass, I wish it covered his life a bit more to make it a perfect biography. Highly recommended for music lovers especially country and folk.

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