Thursday, January 23, 2014

Grudge Match (2013) - Comedy

I guess the reason why this movie will be watched again and again world over will be its two superb leads – how can a movie with Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro in it be missed by a movie buff? It would definitely be considered a crime for sure and on top of that we have gorgeous Kim Basinger with fantastic Alan Arkin too in it. Fortunately both the guys were already loved in their earlier avatars of boxers – Stallone with Rocky Series and De Niro in one hell of a Raging Bull. It’s actually too good to see them both share the screen together – I was totally confused as to love what? The patent smirk on De Niro’s face or Stallone shiny / innocent eyes. And I am sure Kim can definitely give her current counterparts a run for their money still – she is simply stunning to say the least in this one. As the title suggests the movie is about a Grudge match between the leads – the one which never took place because of Stallone’s early retirement which finishes both their careers – what they do for a living is something you’ve got to watch and love it as well. How this one Grudge Match is going to change their life is one heck of a ride. The movie had so much to offer its audience especially the fans who love them big time – I was totally hooked to it and am damn sure its Blue Ray DVD will be worth collecting. The less said about the final bout the better as that’s something you’ve got to enjoy thoroughly on screen, it made me smile, laugh, cheer, go emotional all at once and yes it did leave a lump in my throat in the end. Also the ending credits – worth a mention. I will rate it no less than a 3/5 with two thumbs up – a great time pass and fundoo movie for the fans. Do not miss it – although I kept asking and craved for more than what it offers still it’s way too good a one time watch.

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