Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brick Mansions (2014) - Action

First things first – yes it’s a remake of an outstanding action thriller almost a decade old and yes it is or isn’t half as good as the original for sure – but it still works big time for me as I am big big action movies fan and it qualifies as a high adrenaline action flick for sure. Two reasons – one the protagonist Leno (Outstanding David Belle) who is regarded as one of the 8 founders of Parkour – is totally out of this world guy and does the same sequences as he did in the original District 13 earlier and two – of course apna Paul Walker as super cop Damien – he is good but nothing great. I guess by the time he started doing good movies to come to lime light – unfortunately he was destined to leave us a little too soon. I can vouch his last three movies have seriously changed his fans opinion about his acting skills but as I said unfortunately this one is his last movie. Everything remains same – same writer / producer, even the protagonist too – the only change is – it all is happening in Detroit this time. One minor change is that Leno and his partner Damien are saving the district by defusing a bomb and saving Leno’s Ex Girl friend and not his sister like in the original. Rest all is almost identical (mind-blowing start) but somewhere around the half time – it loses steam and goes almost nowhere hence a big big let down. Action is superb, background score is equally good, camera work is excellent and cast – the less I say the better as they were both good in their respective roles still it didn’t have half the magic “District 13” had on me almost a decade back. I guess they should have bettered in this much of time but they screwed it somehow – still it does qualifies as a good one time watch action flick for sure, again as the fate had it – we almost saw the last day first show with only a dozen people in the auditorium including us three. I will give it a 2.5/5 (that’s when I get confused whether I liked it or not) but still will call it a good one time watch.

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