Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Main Tera Hoon (2014) - Comedy

Movies like this one make me feel that either age is catching up fast with me that somehow I end up getting irritated with them or the former masters of the arts are failing big time to make a movie worthy of even one good laugh. This is definitely not the David Dhawan I knew – I am sure this one is directed by one of his Jr. Assistants and he ends up taking the credit just making sure that his fans will enjoy the movie and not trash it. Believe me, it’s that bad – it is indeed not even 10% of what we know of the David Govinda combo – somehow I felt before watching the movie that this could be a great start for the Father Son duo – but it’s a disaster. The only guy who will feel the pinch if this one makes a name (or money) will be poor Shahid Kapoor as Varun Dhawan does nothing in the movie but copies all his moves back to back, right from dialogue delivery to dance moves to comic timing. Unfortunately it has no story to be told, pedestrian comedy, total waste of talent (I mean Anupam Kher and Saurabh Shukla), on top of that monkey face Arunoday Singh is the only saving grace as he did made me smile at least a couple of times, two hotties too weren’t able to hold my interest and so does the hero. Twenty minutes into the movie and I was praying that my kiddo shouldn’t pick up those words that they were using frequently – I guess that’s a first for David Dhawan movie, although she had a great time laughing out loud with the movie no doubt on that but that’s where age comes in picture I guess – I may have liked this movie ten years ago but not now. It falls flat on the ground for me and unfortunately I will have to give it a way below average rating of 1/5 and will call it an opportunity lost for Dhawan duo. What little he indeed achieved with SOTY is resolved with this one and look at the quality of work his counterparts have done after that movie and what he is doing. But it’s too early to rate him – let’s wait for a couple of more of his movies to assess his talent. Give it a miss if you haven’t seen it – you will miss nothing but if you have seen it – do let me know how you liked it.

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