Saturday, April 05, 2014

Priceless (2006) - Comedy / Romance

The second movie from my collection of Audrey Tautou movie which confirmed way before it finishes that I am absolutely stunned by her beauty and talent – what an amazing love story this one is. Straight forward simple story of a beautiful young girl Irene (Audrey) who uses her beauty and talent to attract wealthy businessmen for her lavish lifestyle moving from a star hotel to another in exchange for her company and sex. All hell breaks loose and the twist comes in form of Jean (Superb Gad Elmaleh) who actually is a bartender but is mistaken by Irene as a millionaire (in a freaking hilarious situation). The real fun starts once they realize their mistake but by that time Jean is madly in love with Irene and almost screws his savings to keep up with her style and expenses (too funny and heartening too). It’s a total breeze and one of the best love stories that I saw in a long long time which is so smooth, engaging, funny as well as heartening to say the least. The two leads are in superb form and do full justice to their characters especially Audrey who is not only gorgeous but looks stunning in those fantastic branded cloths she gets to wear in this one, totally out of this world stuff. Movie is so much fun with hilarious situations thrown in and some amazing characters thrown in – sheer delight. I will definitely rate it damn good 4/5 and will look forward to some of her other works. Highly recommended for Comedy / Romance lovers – should not be missed at any cost.

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