Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The Giant Mechanical Man (2012) - Drama / Romance

I love – Love Stories and Romantic movies and there is no denying that I usually end up loving them a little too much and praising them more than they deserve but then who cares – as long as you have a connect with it – it’s all good and it’s a movie after all. This one is a fantastic love story of two people who aren’t cut out to work 9 – 5 like we all do (Almost all of us). How people walk in their lives and walk out of it is totally amazing and like they say “Opposites Attract” so I believe the other way round should be true too, two likeminded people could attract each other as well. Chris Messina is too good as Tim – who makes a living by standing like a Giant Mechanical Man dedicatedly in streets (he continues even after his girl friend walks out on him) and so is Jenna Fischer as Janice whose path cross with our Giant Mechanical Man when they come across working for a zoo to make the ends meet. In between her sister Jill (Hottie Malin Ackerman – for some reason I find her too attractive) tries her level best to fix her up with Doug (Amazing Topher Grace) as a hilarious motivational speaker. How they fall in for each other and how life turns out for them is the rest of the movie. What I loved about the movie is its simplicity – no hanky panky stuff – straight to the point and it’s a total breeze – 90 minutes pass by in jiffy and I didn’t even realize it was over. I will definitely rate it 3.5/5 with two thumbs up and very high recommendation for romantic movie lovers. A must watch.

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