Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rio 2 (2014) - Animation / Comedy

Rio was such an amazing movie that we all loved big time – adventures of Blue with Jewel and his awesome set of friends – all happening in the beautiful city of Rio. It had everything in it for kids as well as for adults – totally engrossing movie with solid entertainment value with some great learning. Rio 2 takes the story of Blue and Jewel forward, who are now parents and have three crazy kids – it was a laugh riot to see their life style – especially Blue is such a lovingly awesome character that whenever he spoke – Jesse Eisenberg’s cute face kept coming to my mind. Rio 2 is their adventure trip to the jungles of Amazon to help their human friends to find more similar birds like them. The hilarious part was that their friends from Rio too offer to come along – I love that cute little birdie with a bottle cap hat and his friend – they are too good (and so is their preparation for carnival). Even the villain (Evil Cock) from the previous movie returns in this one with a cute girl friend (a poisonous frog) – their chemistry and evil plans are worth a laugh. What I missed in this one is that cute little drool dripping dog, looking forward to him big time in part 3 – if they ever make it. Blue faces some tuff times in this one and even has some solid competition with Jewel’s x boyfriend; watch out for the family reunion and how they come out winners in the end. All in all – it was a damn good time pass – although never comes close to the prequel in quality of entertainment but wasn’t that bad as my kiddo approved it saying “Papa, Rio 2 was better than Bhoothnath (Returns)”. Unfortunately as per me 3D wasn’t that much effective – it could have done without it as well – even the Amazon as I expected wasn’t captured that well that my eyes would pop out in amazement (Remember the stunning shots of Rio in prequel?). Still I will give it a good 3/5 and will call it a good one time watch especially for kids. If you loved the earlier part – do not miss it as it connects well with that one and I will be looking forward to the third part now, whenever that happens.

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