Saturday, April 05, 2014

Robocop (2014) - Science Fiction

In todays if not more, at least half of the movies churned out by Hollywood make me feel that they have seriously run out of ideas. First it was Spiderman (Reboot) which broke my heart and now this one – one of the most loved Robocop movies of our times had to be messed again in the name of a remake. Twenty minutes into the movie and I precisely knew where it was going, how its gonna go there and where exactly it’s going to end, of course it’s a remake so it has to be same isn’t it? I kept wishing that they must have done something better this time what they missed almost three decades back but it was futile, they even removed the stylish way he used to remove his gun from his side pocket. And then to my amazement and shock – what the fuck (Forgive me for using that word) was Samuel L Jackson doing in this movie? Couldn’t believe my eyes and then came another shocker – the scientist who made the Robocop was none other than one of my favorite actors in a thankless role – Gary Oldman, oh my god! What a blunder and the tycoon behind all that was none other but Michael Keaton – now that trio will make me this movie give at least a one star rating for sure – if nothing else worked – they were definitely the saving grace. There is no action whatsoever to impress anyone and I am amazed the sound Robocop makes even in 21st century – I guess hydraulics should make less noise and they have made so many grave mistakes that I stopped noticing after one point. It is in the end a forgettable and tiring affair – been there done that formula of a cop getting injured while on duty, gets turned into a Robocop (half machine half human), machine takes over the control but in the end humanity has to win anyways. Sheer waste of time, money and talent – this movie is and I will rate it 1/5 and will highly recommend my friends from staying away from this sheer crap. I would rather recommend its original – if you haven’t seen it yet, give it a shot and I guarantee you that you will love it.

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