Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Dishkiyaoon (2014) - Thriller

Harman Baweja is one of those lucky guys who were destined to be a Hero (read Actor) in Bollywood since born in a filmy family and unfortunately no one can predict how many times he will be launched and re launched till he succeeds in making some space for himself. If I am not wrong – I guess this is his fourth attempt and it seriously falls flat. WOW! What an amazingly sad movie this one is – the most irritating part of the movie as I predicted would be the Hero himself but unfortunately it turns out to be another great actor who seriously needs to retire – Sunny Deol, I guess hightime he retires now since Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly and even Uday Chopra has retired (From Cricket and Acting respectively). The problem with this movie is that someone actually thought of making it in the first place and then they found producers like Shilpa Shetty who are desperate to produce anything – she went on to do an item number in the end – which in itself is worse than the movie she produced. The only saving grace of the movie is superb performance by Prashant Narayanan – yet again in a role you love to hate him but unfortunately that too lasts not more than half of the runtime of movie, the remaining half I had to make faces to an earnest performance of Harman (He tries so hard) and irritating Haryanvi accent by Sunny Deol – so much so that I wanted to get in the TV and hit him hard. The story is nothing to write about – everyone wants to be a Don to own Mumbai and India gradually but they look so lousy on screen that it’s hard to believe that they were actually the gangsters and our hero too wants to become India’s best or shall I say worst Gangster of sorts. Action and Thrill in the movie is actually comical and makes up for some seriously good laugh out loud moments. The less said about the song and dances the better. This will definitely qualify as the worst movie of the year so far and I will have to rate it a 0/5. Why I saw it? I just wanted to make sure it is indeed that bad as I predicted it to be.

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