Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Captain America The Winter Soldier (2014) - Action

Finally, fortunately we saw the movie today – thanks to my friend – we planned to see this one on First Day First Show and somehow managed to see the Last Day Only Show. Thanking God and my stars to let me see it finally, as this one turns out way way better than “Captain America” which didn’t impress me that much. This one had a serious story to tell with some real good twists and turns and especially with some superb action sequences thrown in (that too on 3D) made up for an excellent and a little over two hours well spent. Although 3D just gives it some depth and nothing else – it would still be as good on 2D as well. Chris Evans as Captain America was as usual wooden throughout the movie (I guess that’s the demand of the character too) – I have no issues with him as I was more looking forward to the ravishing Black Widow (Hawtie Scarlett Johansson) in superb form – I almost love everything about her, looks, physic, attitude and especially her sexy voice, I wish the cinematographer had done a little more justice with the beauty – it would’ve been better but still it works big time. Initially the story confused me a little but later they clarify everything as SHIELD this time around is compromised and my heart came to my mouth when I saw the much loved Nick Fury (Sam Jackson) dies in this part – I was like “WTF, first they killed M in James Bond Series and now Nick Fury in this one”. But what to do! How Captain America takes the revenge and sets the records straight with the help of Black Widow and Falcon (Awesome Anthony Mackie) makes up for some mind blowing action. Robert Redford as Pierce and Sebastian Stan as Bucky were two fantastic shocking characters which kept us hooked throughout. Especially Sebastian – I had no idea who that guy would be inside the mask and totally loved him. Hope he gets up in the next upcoming installment and kicks some asses with Captain America in a more positive role. All in all it’s an awesome action movie better than my expectations and will highly recommend it to action / super hero lovers. I will definitely rate it a damn good 3.5/5 with two thumbs up recommendation.

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