Friday, April 04, 2014

The Best Offer (2013) - Mystery / Romance

Geoffrey Rush is one heck of a guy that you can definitely put your money on him and will come out a winner 9/10 times and that’s exactly happened with me while watching this movie. At times it is very difficult for me to tell what I liked in a particular movie with him playing the central character – did I like his character what he enacted here of a reclusive Auctioneer Virgil Oldman or did I love the actual Mr. Rush playing the same? It’s confusing but the end result is amazing – it indeed is an amazing, mysterious romantic movie with him in a solid form. My eyes were almost popping out with the stuff he was auctioning and taking them back into his personal collection through his confidante Billy Whistler (always reliable Donald Sutherland), check out the hidden room where he keeps all his antique paintings and other stuff – I guess someone with a keen eye on Arts and collectibles will have a ball of time loving this movie. Totally loved the way he interacts with his buyers while auctioning especially the way he sells the stuff, oh my god that was totally terrific – it kept me thinking that who else could pull of this character with that ease and style but I am sure no one can come any closer to what he did in this one. The movie is quite engrossing with well written characters like that of the heiress Claire (Sylvia Hoeks) whose face isn’t visible till almost an hour into the movie, not only Oldman but also as an audience I too was in awe with the voice behind the wall. How he helps her sell off her parents collection, falls for her and keeps working parallely with one of his young friend Robert (Jim Sturgess) on the restoring and reassembling a kind of a mechanical robot. Where it all leads him makes up for an excellent engrossing watch with some real awesome scenic background and fundoo performances. This became almost very few of those movies where I wasn’t able to guess neither the twists nor the turns and let alone the ending. I will definitely rate it a damn good 4/5 and will recommend it to all – watch out Geoffrey Rush in solid form, not to be missed by mystery / romance lovers.

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