Thursday, April 03, 2014

Youngistaan (2014) - Drama

Jacky Bhagnani is another one of those lucky guys who were destined to be a Hero (read Actor) in Bollywood since born in a filmy family and unfortunately no one can predict how many times he will be offered roles (read crappy movies) again and again till he succeeds in making some space for himself. This is his third movie which again seriously falls flat. It is indeed an unintentionally funny attempt at a very serious subject and I am sure with a better director and lead cast – it could have done wonders – even if they will keep the same script and screenplay, but it never works with the cast they have in hand barring of course Farukh Sheikh – who was the only saving grace other then Neha Sharma (Cute and the only reason movie had some light moments to cherish). On a lighter note – I must say this that the movie actually shows us the other side of a Prime Ministers life in a democracy – it’s a kind of a first I guess in Hindi Cinema that we get to see. The only drawback of the movie is its cast which unfortunately isn’t something which will pull in the crowd and the people who saw it initially didn’t find it an average entertainer that’s something which surprised me as in reality the movie isn’t that bad that it should be totally trashed. Unfortunately Jacky sincere, serious and earnest performance worked against him and hence fell flat on public, something which wasn’t expected from him. The film follows the highs and lows of Abhimanyu kaul’s (Jacky) life – From a young boy, living an ordinary carefree life in Japan with his live in girl friend and friends (Kayozi Irani), to the designated Prime Minister (after his father’s death) of the biggest democracy in the world. I will definitely give it an average 2.5/5 for sure as it wasn’t that bad on entertainment quotient and really gives quite an insight in the life of a PM. Out of that one star belongs to Farukh Saab and second to Neha Sharma for her superb light hearted performance. It’s worth one watch for sure.

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