Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Divergent (2014) - Science Fiction

Why “Hunger Games” (first one) worked for me was because it was a new concept with so many surprises and turns thrown in – the sequel didn’t work (for me) for the right opposite reasons precisely as it was more action, more drama but was too predictable. Now “Divergent” didn’t work at all as its almost similar to HGs because it has no story to tell in the first place but a beaten to death subject – yeah – some sort of Apocalypse yet again in America and the world (Read Chicago) is divided in five factions, some do this some do that (Who cares) but there is this sixth faction too that no one likes and those are called Divergents (Sounds interesting?) what happened to the rest of the world and why they live inside the huge boundary walls of Chicago will be explained in upcoming (2, 3 or maybe 4) sequels as mentioned on their wiki page. Why did I see this in the first place? Tattooed guy in poster is half of the reason and the rest of half (I mean crowd pullers) were Kate Winslet, Maggie Q and Ashley Judd – who have nothing but thankless roles and so damn bad that I refuse to call them even the support cast. Although what little worked in its favor is the little unknown cast and the way they performed their parts, was surprised to see “The Spectacular Now” guy in a negative character but was good. It was funny to see them doing the same stuff we saw decades back in Matrix series – the movie which started it all. Of course it’s not easy to convert a book into a movie and you have so much of data to process unfortunately when they do not script the book well – something like this comes out which leaves the audience confused and asking for more. Even after its runtime was almost 2 and a half hour, I will give it a way below average 2/5, nothing special and can be missed for sure. Hope the sequel turns out well next year and the crowd pullers too get some meaty character.

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