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Alien Resurrection (1997) - Science Fiction

The last movie from the Alien Franchisee was made in the year 1997 and I am surprised they haven’t tried it again in the last 15 years to revive it, that’s actually unbelievable for me because I would love to see Sigourney Weaver kicking some Alien asses again. Unfortunately I missed it somehow till now but not this time when I was watching all of them back to back – I had to see how it all ends. If I have to now rate all the 4 movies – I would say this one is definitely the second best, whereas the best movie as per me would be the second part of the series followed by first and third will be the weakest of them all. This is again a damn good kick ass thriller with some great action and chilling moments thrown in between. I would say this one definitely scared me a bit – not too much but it’s too good to be missed for sure. This starts where the third part leaves us with Ripley killing herself and the Alien queen’s embryo inside her body. As humans are too curious and we know curiosity kills the cat – they bloody are still doing the research 200 years down the line – with her blood and DNA samples they create her clone without realizing that she had the Queen’s embryo inside her – what happens next is again a cat and mouse thriller between Aliens and Humans in outer space and a fight to survive yet again. It does makes for a damn good captivating watch as you are actually keen to know how it all is going to end if it does at all.

The Movie: 200 years have passed and with Ripley’s death in that furnace – they are still doing research with her Blood and DNA samples – we see they have created her clone and are trying to take the Alien out of her body. Once the Alien sample is taken out – they realize the clone No. 8 is still alive – they take her as a prisoner aboard their ship and let her live. What they did not realize is that there was a mix up between her and Aliens DNA hence she is now born with enhanced powers, acidic blood like them and telepathic connections with them. It’s awesome to see Ripley with those new powers and confidence. This movie takes the human curiosity and will to find new worlds to a new high, I was shocked to see their imagination like – they were actually kidnapping humans in the outer space and feeding them to Aliens so they can multiply. A group of Mercenaries arrives including the hottie Winona Ryder who plays an Android in this one – she is simply stunning and too good in the role of an Android. As soon as she comes across Ripley – she knows it’s a big mistake on human’s part to create her again and she tries to kill her but by now it’s too late, as they had already developed adult Aliens and they were growing with each passing moment. It’s amazing to see how far human imagination can go and what all we can create as we see a new turn in the Alien saga with more advanced Aliens with human DNA match – now they are capable of multiplying without laying eggs as they used to do earlier, quite convincing and great to see onscreen.

That's my favorite "Winona Ryder"
As the mother ship Betty is damaged by the Aliens, it starts moving towards earth by default and they were on a collision course in about couple of hours – the only target they have now is to survive somehow and kill the Aliens if they can before they enter earth’s surface. Will Ripley come back to their rescue? Is the rest of the movie. As we see Ripley was the No. 8 clone in the making – what happens to the rest of the 7 clones developed earlier? The revelations are one of the shocking things of the movie and trust me – it indeed scared me to see the scene – how they have shot it. This one too isn’t an exception in the Alien franchisee and it has its own damn good scary moments with full size adult Aliens in a human killing spree, new one taking birth ripping apart human chests as they did in the past, their acidic blood burning and melting everything on their way. The chases here too are too good, the final escape, fighting with the aliens, their own difference in between the crew members and mercenaries etc. There are so many “Oh My God, Holy Shit” moments in this one too, right from the word go – it’s too good to be missed – if you ask me. As I said earlier – I will definitely rate it as the second best of the series. It’s a must watch for all thriller / science fiction lovers. The final outcome of the Alien as it develops in the new form is simply mind-blowing and shit scary. I bet you will not be able to forget his grunt and face for quite a long time to come and unfortunately but true – even the ending leaves quite a handful of questions unanswered. But I guess that’s how it should be with these kind of movies to leave us asking for more and then come back again with another movie answering all the queries – isn't it?

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