Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Jackie Brown (1997) - Thriller

When it comes to Quentin Tarantino movies – specially the one’s directed by him – I am always at loss of words as how to put it for a lay man ;) – not for the first time this thought came to my mind that someday I will rip a DVD of his best of movies and send it to my friends who aren’t movie freaks and would love to hear what they say about those movies – I am gonna do that pretty soon now ;) just to know if I am a little biased towards him and with that I – I actually mean “we the QT Fans” ;) – again the movie in subject is no exception as you can see it got an Academy Nomination to a guy whose name a majority of us wouldn’t know anyways and did he deserve it? You gotta check out the movie for that dude, he was amazing or was it QT behind him all the time. And the protagonist played by that black female in mid 40’s is totally awesome. This is one movie which keeps you hooked to the most part even with a running time of close to 150 minutes – you keep asking for more. My loyalty kept shifting from one to another to another to know who gets the booty in the end. It’s one amazing watch – not to be missed by thriller lovers at any cost. Dunno how I survived all these years without watching it ;)
The Movie: Based on a final transaction gone wrong for a gun / drug dealer Robbie (Samuel L Jackson), who plans to retire after pulling of that one last assignment. A lot of people are behind the same thing including the Flight Stewardess Jackie Brown (Pam Grier) who does the money transfer, Cops behind her to catch up the gangster red handed, they take her in confidence to do that in lieu of a let go. I was amazed yet again by Quentin three dimensional narrations of the same, no, it isn’t a 3D movie but there are so many shots where you have more than two or three things going on constantly and you need to follow it religiously to realize the outcome. Like for example right in the start, when you are introduced to his friend Louis (Robert DeNiro), whose helping him to pull this off, there is this shot where Louis and Robbie are having a drink and his pot smoking hot girl friend Melanie (Gorgeous Bridget Fonda) is distracting Louis constantly – is one amazing scene shot with such passion. For one you are totally hooked onto their funny discussion about guns and his experience with selling them, same time a majority of the screen is covered with Melanie’s gorgeous legs from two different angles and amazing expressive face of DeNiro who is trying to grasp the moment and read what is Melanie up to. The constant chatter of Samuel Jackson is so damn good throughout the movie that you just couldn’t help but fall in love with him.
Bridget Fonda at her Sexiest Best!
It all starts with cops picking up Jackie Brown from the Airport on suspicion and they indeed catch her red handed carrying big amount of cash and drugs too. She is saved by another friend of Robbie – the Bail Bonds Man - Max Cherry (Robert Forster) – one amazing character – mind it – he even got an Academy Nomination for Actor in a Support Role for this one. Cops know that she works for Robbie and they want her to help them nab him, she too has a plan to double cross them and triple cross Robbie and make a way with all the money. Robert DeNiro is trying to double cross Robbie with the help of his own girl friend, Robbie wants to take the booty and retire. Its outstanding to see what comes out and trust me – you cannot predict the ending as my loyalty kept shifting from one character to another and to another till the very end. The final transaction shot is again a classic Quentin Tarantino style shot with three different angles, camera’s and time frame, shown in quite a simple way yet you are not sure who walks out with all the money and you actually wait to see it till the very end. The movie has its own shocking, thrilling, hilarious, sexy, amazing moments which I am going to remember for quite some time as it happens with all QT movies. I wish he made a couple of more movies than he has made. Not to be missed by any thriller lovers especially Quentin Tarantino fans of all.

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