Friday, July 06, 2012

Aliens 3 (1992) - Science Fiction

When you start seeing a franchisee again – I believe you have to see from the very start till the very end. This fortunately happens to be the third movie of the series that too a debut for one of my favorite Director David Fincher. First two parts as written earlier Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986) were Directed by legendary Ridley Scott and James Cameron respectively, hence this one as per me was the weakest and least interesting of the three yet. If I see it as an individual movie – I will rate it as an average action movie and nothing great but if I have it to rate it as per the franchisee this was a big letdown, as not for one moment I had that urgency or rush of blood feeling like in the other parts. It wasn’t one bit scary for me or thrilling to say the least. Even the Alien as they have shown in this one isn’t that killer scary or chilling; at times it appeared total fake to me. At best it can be called an average fair with some good action moments and a great climax which makes you wonder where they will take the story to in “Aliens Resurrection”.
The Movie: It starts from where the second part ends where we saw Ripley on a journey back home with the little girl on board their ship “Sulaco” and the damaged Android Bishop (My favorite Lance Henriksen). Since the ship catches fire they are launched in an escape pod and they land at “Fury 161” which was inhabited by male inmates – it was like a prison with no escape. Here we are introduced to all kinds of new characters and we already know what they are going to go through once the pod is opened and the Alien hidden in there is gonna go havoc in here too. Rest of the movie is out n out action showing how all the prisoners and their caretakers unite to make a team under the leadership of Ripley to kill the Alien. As an action movie it scores big time as it has some damn good sequences of chases and explosions. Since this was a prison facility – they do not have any weapons hence they make their own weapons and explosive devices to kill the beast. By the end they realize that there is one Alien hidden inside Ripley too hence she is never attacked by the beast and killed. How they end it is good to see and you have to see this to believe it. This leaves a big question mark for the upcoming part though. What I did not like about this part as I said earlier was the missing thrilling and terror element. Like in the earlier parts which score big time on horror and background score – this one had hardly anything to offer in that department. I guess it was a debut movie of David Fincher – may be – he wasn’t in his form yet. But still it makes up for a nice action movie at least.

I guess its time for me to pick up Alien Resurrection (1997) the last from the franchisee and finish it all. 

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