Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Half Nelson (2006) - Drama

What an apt title and what an amazing movie this turned out to be. I’ve been following Ryan Gosling since this years Academy Awards and have almost seen all his movies back to back and am I impressed? I am totally bowled over by his choice of movies and in love with the characters he has played so far. This role got him an Academy Nomination too for best actor. Me and my wifey saw this today and debated it big time – what if this was made in India? It would have been named "Half Gandhi" I guess J - Its about a teacher who himself is an alcoholic and a druggy who wants to save one black girl from doing the same what they all end up doing in US of A. Would he be able to save her? How about saving him first. It’s an amazing movie guys – do not miss it at any cost – if you haven't seen it yet. 

The Movie: Is based on the life of a recluse school teacher who himself is a big time alcoholic and a druggy but who doesn’t endorse the idea of the same to his pupils. His own life is in shambles as has no family to fall back on and his own girl friend has left him to marry some one else. Ryan Gosling is such a damn good fit for the role that he actually lives the character in such a convincing way that you just can’t help but fall in love with him yet again. The whole narrative is quite slow and self explanatory that by the end it all boils up to a point where you feel its going to explode anytime and what would be the result? Is all there to see – unbelievable stuff. For a moment I thought this is going to be another movie showing us the same run of the mill stuff that every black girl or a buy end up screwing their life selling drugs and guns but no, this had to be different with a damn good take on the same situation. Some times even saviors need to be saved. It’s a heart warming story and quite close to reality take. Not to be missed by drama loving crowd. I totally loved it.

Amazing is the way they have shown Ryan screwing his own life over alcohol and drugs yet he wants to save others from the same. A 13 year old black girl comes to his rescue who herself is having a traumatic family life with no father, brother behind the bars, single mother working and too busy with her own schedule. It’s just a matter of time before she ends up doing the same and screwing her own life and Ryan have to save her. She is intelligent, brilliant and a good basketball player too. He is her History teacher in school cum coach. To her shock and surprise she finds out that he himself does drugs. How they both save each others life is movie all about.

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