Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Awake (2007) - Supernatural / Conspiracy Thriller

Another disaster in the name of SuperNatural / Conspiracy Thriller, which as per me loses the plot completely and at best, can be called a drama with some mild shocking moments. Had read a friends review and was expecting a good one but I guess some movies are so run of the mill stuff that you hardly have any expectations, 20 minutes into the movie and you know – its going to go nowhere, watch and forget types. Idea is extremely good but isn’t explored to the full potential and unfortunate selection of the cast further sinks it for me. I mean imagine a guy who wakes up while his heart is being transplanted and realizes that they are anyways going to kill him, he has an out of body experience too, but the question is can he save himself? Who’s behind his death? His fiancĂ© or his mother? Even the doctor that he trusted isn’t with him. The only thing why I sat through this was Jessica Alba – she is too cute but unfortunately has nothing great to do in this one. Not Recommended. It has some shocking moments but they are just about average – nothing great.

The Movie: Actually they intended to make a thriller but end up making a drama as you never feel the emergency factor ever in the narrative. It just looks like everything is happening as planned there are no surprises. The dude who has a heart condition is too straight forward, Super rich, has a caring mother and a loving girl friend. Gets married against her mothers wish to her own x secretary who has a dark past. Some one is trying to kill him definitely as he wakes up in between the heart transplant while the anesthesia goes wrong. It’s funny and scary to imagine and see the same – what if this actually comes true for someone being operated. Unfortunately it doesn’t work – not for me at least. Jessica Alba as his girl friend / wife is too cute to be cunning, I had my doubts on his mother – may be she is doing it for all the money they have. Or may be Jessica married her at the last moment right before he is killed to get all the booty? Or it could be the doctor? I would say go ahead – google it and read about it on Wiki than watching it ;)
It could be an average time pass may be for you.

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