Sunday, July 08, 2012

Headhunters (2011) - Thriller

A damn good Norwegian – German movie which came recommended by a good friend and am I glad that I saw it? This takes the trophy of one of those thrillers that made me skip a couple of heartbeats and have no count as how many times I actually stopped breathing and was busy seeing what happens next. One of the best thrillers I saw in the recent times and what a crazy pace this one had. Amazingly Superb movie – a big time must watch for all thriller / suspense lovers. Starts on a very simple note and once it picks up speed – there is no bloody looking back, killer pace and by the end you actually sympathize with the protagonist – even after knowing its wrong what he does – you so much want him to win, but does he? Check it out guys! Not to be missed at any cost – I believe they are already remaking it in Hollywood but this one was too good as you have hardly any expectations from its lesser known cast and Director.

The Movie: Roger Brown lives a dual life – one for the world and his beautiful wife as a Professional Headhunter for an agency and second as an Art Thief. He has an accomplice – Ove – who works with a security agency. They have a very simple way of stealing the paintings – while he will make the owner busy in some kind of interview with one of his clients – Ove will take care of the security part – he will go and replace the original with a fake painting in flat 10 minutes. He follows his own set of rules. He has a complex that he isn’t too tall and hence to keep his tall beautiful wife happy, he keeps stealing the paintings and gifts her expensive things including a $30 Million Mansion for one, whereas all she wants from him is a baby on which he isn’t too keen. His wife operates his own Art Gallery and one day she introduces him to Clas Greve – who turns out to be a perfect candidate for one of the positions of Roger Brown. On the contrary he comes to know that Clas has a painting in his possession which is worth almost a $100 Million – which can solve all his future problems – if he is able to get it. While he successfully steals the painting from Clas’s house with the help of Ove – he shockingly finds his wife’s cell phone in Clas’s house right when he is about to leave. This turns him suspicious as what’s going on? Everything isn’t that straight forward as it looks. From this point onwards – you are totally hooked to the movie and actually want to know what’s happening. Is it Roger’s x girl friend behind all this or is it his wife who is playing a dirty game with Clas’s help. Right before he could uncover anything his friend Ove is found poisoned in his own car in his garage. As he goes out to dump his own friend’s body – he is chased by Clas – the whole thing turns topsy turfy now that we realize even Clas had his own motive in the first place coming to Roger Brown and he is an x Mercenary who isn’t going to let the things go any easier for Roger Brown. Is Roger going to set the records straight with Clas? Roger is already being chased by Cops for the murder done by Clas.

It’s a mind-blowing thriller with a damn good pace – hardly 100 minutes in running still you are hooked to the most of it. It has its own chilling scenes too like a little bloody and gore, which will make you grab your armrests for sure. How he gets caught by Clas, escapes, again gets caught by cops, gets screwed in between cops and Clas, is too good. I tried my level best to predict the ending as well as the person who was behind all this – but no ways – it isn’t that simple. Even the ending is class apart – I couldn’t predict. Check it out guys – I am sure you will end up saying the same for the movie – it was too good.

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