Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Amazing SpiderMan (2012) - Action

WOW – what a disaster! Amazing Spiderman became one of those movies which I could seriously not take it anymore and almost walked out before being persuaded by my wife to sit through the last half an hour of action anyways as I sat thru the whole drama. Spiderman franchisee was and is close to my heart that not one month goes by without me and my kiddo watching one or the other part, 3rd being the lousiest of the series, now that, in front of this sounds too good a movie guys. I couldn’t believe my eyes what were we served on the first hour of the movie? Same story again? Why Mr Webb why? Haven’t we seen it in the first part? They could have instead wrapped this whole up in flat 100 minutes without giving us that prologue which is like fresh in our memory scene to scene still. I always loved Peter Parker’s character (Read Toby) and yes I have no doubts in saying Andrew took it to next level and I surely loved him better than Toby, Never was a Kirsten fan so Emma is way too good than her and cute too. That said – where is the eye popping and jaw dropping action? Even my wife who is movie freak right like me wasn’t impressed at all, the moment we walked out of the auditorium – she was very clear that barring the first shot of Peter jumping from the building and that crane shot in the end – nothing impressed her either. She was like – “Even that lizard thing was stretched way too much”, Seriously guys – I will say, if you haven’t seen it yet – give it a miss as it’s a pain on big screen but yes it may be a good watch on TV as then you can forward the whole lesson in history and logic and watch it purely for unavailable action. Oh yes, one more thing – 80% of the movie is shot in 2D and it makes no difference if you wear ur glasses or not, barring some sequences in pure 3D – it’s a sheer waste of money and time. Seriously disappointing.
Cutiful Emma :)
The Movie: I have a habit of not reading the reviews of at least those movies which I plan to see on big screen before I see them for myself. Guess what – I did a mistake this time, a very close friend of mine told me yesterday that I will be highly disappointed as he actually knew that I had great expectations from this one but I paid no heed to his views as we had to see this anyways. I was wrong. First hour bored me to death as I could easily predict every scene, right from his making, getting powers, those little stunts here and there, getting to know of past, uncle Ben’s death etc is stretched far too long than required. Even if they have to start a new franchisee with new people – you can’t shoot the whole thing again and serve it back to us. I felt so sad for the same – dunno how so many people saw it and no one complained? I mean what was so unique? Nothing for me at least. With one hand doctor at the helm of research – even a lay man can predict where it is going and what’s going to happen next with that formula in place. Irfan Khan’s role was a pleasant surprise but can anyone tell me who he was talking about? As there was no mention of that guy till the very end – I guess the second part would be dedicated to him as we noticed he does takes a couple of samples of serum along. What the heck – I don’t care any more as sitting through two hours for 20 minutes of action is insane. Unfortunately it never worked on any of the levels for me. I would rather pick up the first two parts again and love my good old spidey than trying to see this one again. Seriously people, I am not too keen on writing anymore either. Trust me, it’s a big waste of time, let me know if you see it – how you feel about it.

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