Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Children (2008) - Thriller

Another average time pass thriller – I will definitely not call it a horror for sure. I am too scared to watch horror movies alone and I keep trying at times to check my guts out by these small time movies and keep preparing myself for the upcoming scare fest. This is a good one time watch – a great time pass as the running time is hardly 80 minutes. Based on a Christmas vacation of two families gone horribly wrong – no explanations offered in the movie or even in the end as to what goes wrong – just a shocking scene in the end to make up your mind – what and why it all happened. But still it holds your interest till the very end – its predictable right from the very start yet makes it up for a decent watch and I indeed saw it all alone that too in one sitting in the dead of the night. Kids are cute as ever, chick is hot and even the parents are decent looking chaps. Movie has a lot of “Oh Shit” and “Jesus Christ” moment supported by good background score to thrill you. Take a look – who knows, you might enjoy it like I did.

The Movie: It starts like all the typical horror / thriller movies start on a very silent note. A family as we see joins another couple for a Christmas vacation with cute little kids and one teenage daughter. Right from the very start the kids start behaving strangely – initially the parents think that they are tired and are throwing tantrums but the audience has an idea that something is gone wrong seriously and is going to grow worse. It hits you quite fast before even you could realize the kids start killing, thrashing, slashing their own parents one by one. Kids start going to the woods nearby as something calls them inside and one by one almost all the adults get hit by one or the other accident. It isn’t a horror movie but a good thriller with nothing new to offer but the strange and unique way of how everyone gets killed. Even the ending is pretty shocking. It can definitely be a good one time watch for sure. Some scenes are really nicely done like in one where the first father of the kids dies while sliding down on a sledge ride. In another scene where the mother of a kid is trying to help him down from the child play area and ends up breaking her own leg is simply great to watch. How the teenage daughter realizes that there is something wrong with the kids and parents do not agree with her, how she gets screwed by both sides is simply mind-blowing. 

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