Thursday, July 05, 2012

Aliens (1986) - Science Fiction

Last time I saw this movie was about a decade back and what amazed me today was – that I remembered the whole movie scene by scene – still engraved in my memory big time. James Cameron had some impression in the minds of our generation that this will remain too close to my heart always. Just needed to refresh my mind after a disastrous spell of “Amazing Spiderman” that too in 3D and what a movie this turned out to be again. Every character is superbly written, right from Sigourney to the other chick with big bad guns shooting aliens left right and center. Even after 25 years of its making – this still holds damn well and has shocking / thrilling / chilling moments aplenty. No wonder, it got 8 Academy Nominations of which it end up winning two. Two characters other than Sigourney I could never forget were Lt Gorman (William Hope) – who we last saw was in Terminator and Android Bishop (Lance Henrikson) – I never knew this guys name but his image refuses to go off my mind even today, that last shot of half of his body trying to save the little girl is one hell of a shot. Last time when I saw this movie I was scared to hell but today it thrilled me big time and I totally loved it.
The Movie: If you have seen the first of the series – Alien (1979), you know where this starts from. Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is the sole survivor in the returning flight and the shocking thing is – it takes her 57 years to return to earth, as per her it was just a flash but that was too long as per earth years. Her employer won’t believe her part of story associated with Alien encounter and death of all the crew members. Her license is revoked and they have already sent a good number of humans to the same planet for research and development. Once they get no communication from the colony they try to send a team of marines in guidance of Ripley again to investigate as what’s happening up there. Although, initially reluctant with her last encounter, Ripley agrees to go again as her license will be active again provided she goes as a consultant with the team of marines. She and we as audience already know what she is going to face in the planet of Aliens but how they have shown the whole thing is unbelievable and amazing to say the least. When I saw the first Alien movie directed by Ridley Scott, somehow I thought that would be the best of the series but this one changed my view and I guess James Cameron took it one step ahead and bettered the masterpiece made by Ridley Scott. I am sure – I will be watching the third part pretty soon to relive the memory. Although I have a very faint memory of the third from the series as this one surely became my all-time favorite Alien movie.
Some Outstanding Scenes: Which refuse to go out of my memory is the first scene where we see Sigourney’s dream sequence of an Alien present in her body and it’s about to rip her breast to come out of it and she wakes up – even today it was damn good and indeed gave me chills. Ariel shots of the ship they go in and that zero gravity shot of a small space craft coming out of a bigger one, landing on the planet. Outstanding background score with no music and nothing at times, all you hear are some beeps and sounds made by those machines that they carry. First encounter with the Aliens by marines and Sigourney’s confidence. Captured crew members from the last team cocooned in Alien’s nest is one sight I could never forget with one of them opening her eyes as if she was still alive. Alien eggs and the mother Alien laying eggs. The little girl somehow survives the ordeal and how the marines save her from the Aliens. Sigourney Weaver’s preparation to take on the Alien’s alone, those big bad guns, bombs, while the Android Robot lands the aircraft for them to go back to earth and then the final scene in which she wears that robotic suit having a fist fight with the Alien mother before she is finally dropped in the outer space. All in all – every scene is unique in its own form. One hell of an experience and when you think that all this was made in mid 80’s – is totally amazing stuff. It’s a must watch for all thriller lovers – I hardly know of someone who hasn’t seen these movies multiple times.

Now, its time to get Aliens 3 (1992).

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