Saturday, July 07, 2012

Bol Bachchan (2012) - Comedy

Just came back from the movie, after a Saturday morning show which was almost houseful. I guess kids had more fun than us adults watching the movie – it was an awesome sight seeing my kiddo and her friend actually jumping on chair with Ajay and Abhishek’s awesome comedy and action. Since this was a Rohit Shetty movie – whose movies even I like to an extent they are damn good time pass with some earth shattering action, I simply love those flying people, cars, explosions and ground breaking background score. Cause I don’t mind walking out of the theatre laughing and dissecting the movie with my wife and kid for days to come. This became one of those movies which actually made me laugh hard and when I say hard – I actually mean so hard that I did skip a couple of scenes as was too busy laughing. I never laughed so much in any of the movies in last couple of years – have always been a Ajay Devgan fan and surprisingly Shetty did damn well with AB too, he is simply awesome in that role. Support cast is too good to, with that Krishna guy taking the cake. The best part of the movie is Ajay Devgan’s English, totally rocking stuff – dunno who wrote those cheesy lines but when he says something – you just can’t help but repeat it yourself and then just laugh on it. I never saw such a lively crowd as we noticed today; people from all age groups were simply laughing, cheering and clapping. It had those “Oh Shit” moments too – typical Rohit Shetty stuff. If you like light hearted comedies, which make no sense yet, are smart enough to keep you hooked to the most part – this is it. Do not miss this as this isn’t a Akshay Kumar mindless movie which is going to offend anyone in anyways – plain simple comedy with lots of laugh out loud moments – I am definitely seeing it a couple of times for simply for Ajay Devgan.
The Movie: First of all it’s a remake of the “Golmaal” of 70’s with outstanding Amol Palekar and Utpal Dutt, no ways these guys are any close to the classic but if at all you see this one – you will know that in the first place they shouldn’t even be compared. It’s just the idea that is taken and then they have done their own set of writing and have presented it in a different way altogether with so many new characters, twists and turns. Obviously a plain Jane remake wouldn’t have worked anyways – my wife went to the extent of saying that no one is going to see and enjoy Old Golmaal in today’s time as we did in the past – dunno – I need to see it to believe it – I guess I will still love the old classic in comparison to this one but I wont miss this one just for the heck that it’s a remake. This too is based on the life of a simpleton Abbas Ali (Abhishek Bachchan) who stays in Delhi with his sister Sania (Asin), cause of the family dispute they lose their property and have to move back to Ranakpur with their uncle (Asrani). The trouble starts when AB meets the most powerful man of the village Prithviraj Raghuvanshi (Ajay Devgan) on a wrong foot and one lie leads to another to another till everything comes crashing and they get caught.
Main Characters: Ajay Devgan as Prithviraj is simply mind-blowing – I am sure AB would be jealous of the footage that Ajay has got in this one. Obviously he was the first choice for Rohit Shetty to make this one and their friendship / gang is quite famous – his English speaking character is simply hilarious – right from the very first few minutes of the movie – you fall for him and always look forward to his histrionics onscreen. He is a superb English killer in the movie and has got some best of the lines that are beyond anyone’s imagination. His body language, the way he raises his hand and its pin drop silence everywhere, his looks, those glares, his whole pehalwan gang, his fort and everything about him is so damn good that you just can’t help but fall in love with him.  Abhishek as Abbas Ali cum his own twin Abhishek Bachchan is hilarious – this should be called the best comic role done by him ever. I unfortunately never liked him in any of his earlier movies as much as I loved him in this one. This role suits him to the T – I must say and enacted it too pretty well, beyond my expectations, simply Superb. His dance item in between is a total riot if you ask me, one that you will never forget in life. The Two chicks – Asin as AB’s sister and Prachi Desai as AD’s sister are just eye candy – both of them have hardly any role to talk about but they are just about ok – their characters had to be underrated hence they do well too. Krushna Abhishek as Ravi and Asrani as his dad Shastri – are the two best support characters who will have you in split with their awesome chemistry with each other and with others too. Even Neeraj Vora as AD’s right hand is too good but I guess he is type casted in that character as every other movie of his would have him in the same character – but he too is too good in this one.
It’s a typical Rohit Shetty stuff as I said earlier so no doubt you have rocking comedy and thumping action too. Background score is at times too loud but goes well with the mood of the movie – no doubt on that. I can certainly forgive Amar Mohile for the same cause when you have those hard-hitting characters on screen – you just can’t help but beat the drums badly. You have 30-40 people beaten by our two leads, a dozen cars and SUV’s flying all over, Buses / Trucks crashing and then finally you have a car hanging on the edge of the cliff too. The climax of the movie done in “Ek Hasina Thi – Karz” sytle is too good. It’s a laugh riot right before you walk out after seeing the typical “making and goof ups of the movie”. Its too good to be missed movie and a great time pass at that. A movie that you will walk out laughing and repeating those English killing dialogues of AD. Do not miss it at any cost. 

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