Monday, July 09, 2012

Maximum (2012) - Drama

Another disaster in the name of showing what goes between two corrupt cops when they want to score the “Maximum” number of encounters between them. There is some kind of undeclared competition going on in between these two – which goes on and on for a couple of years before they come to a conclusion which isn’t shocking to say the least rather expected. What shocked me is that Naseeruddin Shah agreed to do this movie – I guess the way this script would be narrated to him – would have made him interested and on top of it this was to be directed by Kabir Kaushik who gave us one of the damn good cop movies “Sehar” some seven years back. I read somewhere that Sonu Sood – who plays one of the cops – didn't charge him anything rather he sent the cheque back as he was too happy with the final product and went to an extent to call it “Best movie of my career and this should be the turning point of my life” – I guess with the final out come and as confusing / pointless movie – this isn’t taking him anywhere. Although as an actor – I like him anyways and have always maintained that he has potential but – one needs a good Director to do that – dunno where Kabir went wrong and made this messy movie. Btw this became the first Bollywood movie – for which I had to take help of Wikipedia actually – once I was done with the movie – I had to read what actually I saw and what the Director wanted to project. Give it a big miss – check it out if you like Sonu – for Naseer’s role – you will never forgive Kabir for making this disaster. 

Hottie Hazel in Item Song.
The Movie: It’s a cat and mouse game between two cops – killing the gangsters / criminals in Mumbai to score the maximum encounters and make their resume look better than one another. Movie falters big time as it bores you to death with almost nothing happening on screen – the only thing you see is ruthless killing of bad guys which doesn’t appeal to you after a certain time and you lose track who killed how many. The script is so confusing and at times you actually ask “Am I really seeing this?”. Sonu Sood considered this as the best work of his life and thought this is going to make a sea of change to his career which I seriously doubt. As it sank without a trace on box office and unfortunately barring a few critics who did like his role – buts too grim and serious than entertaining or preaching any kind of lesson to its audience. The less said the better about the support cast, Neha Dhupia as Sonu’s wife in a thankless role, two weeks from today – no one will remember who his wife in the movie was. The only thing that you may remember after the movie is hottie Hazel doing an item number which is already a good hit ‘Aa Ante Amlapuram”. What I was shocked to see is the same “Kancha Bar” again and again used for some or the other reason in the movie – I guess that’s the only legal dance bar of Mumbai suburbs which still operates. The whole action part is so pointless and has a been there done that feel to it. There is nothing that you haven’t seen at least in ten earlier movies. For a change Vinay Pathak is in a serious role as politician. It can’t even be called an average one time watch. I saw it because I consider myself Sonu Sood’s fan and I love Naseeruddin Shah big time – this one shocked me though with his role.

Give it a miss – if you haven’t seen it yet as it has nothing to offer you by any standard. Check out the item song on youtube – its too good to be missed.

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