Friday, July 13, 2012

Interview with the vampire (1994) - Horror / Drama

After reading a friends review on the same – couldn't resist but got myself a Director’s Cut DVD rip with an interview with the cast, director and critics too. I relived those haunting memories from the past. This in today's time should be considered as a crash course in vampirism, telling you everything about the same, how a vampire is made, taught to survive and what all they go through in the life which technically never ends. I was so looking forward to that never given warning at the very start of the movie “Do not try this at home”. What a fantastic movie this turned out to be with that amazing casting of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas and Kirsten Dunst that too in one movie with almost 120 minutes of sheer fun. But mind it – its not for the weak hearted – I saw it today afternoon and my lunch was served in between and wifey was shocked and said “How can you watch this and eat your lunch in the meantime”. It is gross to say the least with some scenes actually showing how vampires are made, vampires sucking blood of humans, in one particular scene they pick up a rat – slit it open and squeeze it into a wine glass and drink it – how cool is that. One hell of a movie – which shocks you, moves you, makes you sympathize with them yet at one point you want their powers too specially the one that they survive for hundreds of years and still look young. If you love horror / thriller / vampire movies – you shouldn't miss this.  

Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst
The Movie: Starts in modern day today with a reporter (Christian Slater) taking an interview of Louis (Brad Pitt) who claims to be a vampire. The very first scene when Slater asks Brad to prove that he is vampire and we get a close up of Brad’s eyes is scary with excellent chilling music in background. Right at this point you imagine what is it going to be to see his whole life open in front of us while he tells his story right from the beginning. After his wife’s death in the childbirth along with the baby – he has no wish to live and was thinking of ending his life. One fateful night when is drunk with a prostitute and her pimp holds him back on knife point – Lestat (Tom Cruise) appears and kills both the pimp and the prostitute, picks up Louis and flies with him drinking his blood, Louis anyways wants to die but he suddenly changes his mind and Lestat makes him a vampire which he agrees to become. Louis a different kind hearted vampire who couldn’t drink human blood hence survives on animal bloods – the scenes where he sucks blood out of a Rat and other animals are gross and not everybody’s cup of tea. The way Lestat sucking blood of humans is totally out of this world experience – at least I saw it for the first time in such details that too in this movie which was made in mid 90’s. Louis later finds a sick child Claudia (Kirsten Dunst) with her dead mother; he bites her and makes her a vampire daughter. Lots of years go by and Claudia realizes she will never grow – furious she tries to kill Louis by making him suck blood from already dead people knowing this will weaken his powers and slits his throat, they burn the whole building down and flee to Paris from the spot in a ship.

Making Claudia a Vampire
Louis tries to find out how the vampires came to be in the year 1870 in Paris and are there any more like them? There he meets Armand (Antonia Banderas) who invites him to a vampire theater. What goes in the theater with a human female in front of the human audience with no idea what’s happening is a treat to watch. It’s predictable but awesome to see on screen. What follows next is a conflict of interest between Armand and Louis. Amazing is the word for what happens next. How Claudia gets killed with the female she decides to make a vampire before Louis leaves her. Again decades pass by, Louis survives moves to USA, gets to see the first sunlight in so many years in a movie theater watching “Superman” and other movies. But the question remains – is Lestat dead? Or he will be back. What’s going to happen to the reporter? Will he get the story of a lifetime and achieve success as he plans and looks forward to? Would Louis and Lestat come face to face ever again? The ending is too good but leaves quite a few questions answered. Its an amazing watch – this was surely one of the best vampire movies I ever saw and will always remain closer to my heart.

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