Monday, July 09, 2012

King of Comedy (1983) - Comedy

Another classic and a kick ass at that from Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro team – what a joy ride this was, totally rocking stuff. The best part about Robert’s comic timing is – even if he isn’t saying anything or doing anything – I bet you can’t keep a straight face looking at him. He is such a great actor – just looking at him makes my day – seriously. I saw this movie twice today back to back. Rewound it so many times to see the scenes again and again and don’t plan to delete it any sooner from my drive. This movie should be an institute for the Directors learning how to make a comedy and yet keep your audiences on their tows all the time. One hell of a watch – its for everyone – if you like comedies or if you like Robert or if you love Marty movies – this is it – It’s a crime to miss this one – somehow I was a criminal but then I took a dip in holy water today by watching this twice back to back. Do not miss this at any cost.

The Movie: It’s a very simple and straight forward story of Celebrity Worship. Rupert Pupkin (Robert De Niro) is an aspiring stand up comedian who worships the current king of comedy Jerry Langford (Jerry Lewis). Once Pupkin meets Jerry – he thinks that his big chance has come finally and tries his level best to get into the business by visting Jerry again and again trying to persuade him to give him a chance. His scene’s at Jerry’s office are outstanding comedy, that straight face thing what Robert does is simply mind-blowing and out of this world comedy, I so much loved them. Finally he gets thrown of out Jerry’s office by security guys. He even goes to the length of taking his date to Jerry’s house – as if they were great friends – he gets thrown out from there too. One fine day he plans to kidnap Jerry with the help of one of his stalkers Masha (Sandra Bernhard). They successfully do it too – the scene where they kidnap Jerry and how they keep him is totally hilarious. What happens next is the rest of the movie – see it to believe it – how he gets his big break and at what cost.

Robert De Niro is one of my all time favorite actors – undoubtedly he has a great following. Like I said earlier – just by looking at his straight face makes my day and it indeed does the same. Robert and Martin has given us some damn good movies – but mostly they were gangster stories – I guess this is their only comedy movie together and what a great one it turns out to be. Jerry Lewis as Jerry is totally convincing – his expressions are priceless and is a total treat to watch in that confusing state. One hell of a time pass flick this is. Looking forward to see it a couple of more times for sure.

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