Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chennai Express (2013) - Action / Comedy

The biggest dilemma for us was when “Chennai Express” was declared by Rohit Shetty as his next with Shah Rukh Khan in lead – two reasons – First - we cannot for sure miss a Rohit Shetty movie as the whole family is a big fan of that genre and the man himself, Second – Almost all of us are SRK haters J. Still – we gave it a try today and VOILA! It turns out to be a laugh riot right from the word Go! I couldn’t believe my eyes to see SRK’s desperation – what he does onscreen I guess he did something like this about 10 odd years ago in a bollywood movie – he almost left no stone unturned to make this one of his best comic movies in a long long time. I don’t know what some people were complaining about Deepika’s south Indian accent – we found it simply superb, and it wasn’t that she did it only for a couple of scenes – right upto the last moment she was in the same mode and that’s something commendable, with this movie and YJHD – she has actually proved that she can pick up any character with ease and deliver. Although that typical Rohit Shetty touch was missing – more credit to SRK – I am sure he must have given a lot of inputs to him to make it the way it is still I am not complaining as it was a hilarious joy ride for us and I am sure my kiddo too is going to love it big time – we saw it today in her absence. One thing I should mention that even after making a Comedy / Action movie – the guy knows how much emotion to put and exactly at what point – it works big time as that adds a little more meaning to the narrative and scenes. Even the songs are aptly placed and work in favor of the movie more than a hindrance. Another problem which some people had with so much use of Tamil in the movie – my goodness – I was like totally shocked – C’mon man! It wasn’t that hard to decode what they were saying as it was all done for the comedy and was way too easy to understand what they meant and what SRK understood moreover Deepika worked like a perfect translator throughout the movie – still people complained. Deepika was simpy superb in those Sarees and with south Indian make up. Barring one great shot of Doodhsagar – movie hardly had any great cinematography or camera work – even the action wasn’t that outstanding as I was expecting but just about ok types. My ratings – a definite 3/5 with two thumbs up, it’s a great time pass if nothing else and I will certainly check it out a couple of times more for SRK’s outstanding energy and those awesome references from his previous movies.

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