Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oasis (2002) - Romance

One of the best love stories I ever saw, superb cast, amazing acting, fantastic premise and what awesome handling. As I started the movie today afternoon – wifey reacted “Another Korean movie, not again”, and as the movie progressed – we totally got engrossed and there was no looking back, it kept reminding us somehow as we had seen it earlier or something similar – dunno wasn’t too sure. It’s an amazing story of a mildly mentally disabled guy (who I believe was way too good than us normal people), who was just released from jail for a hit and run case, he straight goes to meet his own family and then goes to check on the family of the guy who he killed in the accident. He ends up falling for the daughter of the victim who herself is suffering from Cerebral Palsy. It was totally outstanding to see two disabled people helping each other the way they do who were discarded by their own families and society in general. Totally unbelievable stuff. What all little things they do with each other is heart wrenching and had so many lump in the throat moments. Trust me it has its own little happy moments too – I would not like to disclose too much but if you like serious movies with a great message – this is going to be one of the best. I will definitely rate it a great 4/5 for sure, I took one point away for a little over the top handling being a Korean movie, they do tend to go over board when it comes to nudity, action, emotion and almost all the things. Still this is something which shouldn’t be missed by anyone. A must watch for those who like serious movies.

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