Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Madras Cafe (2013) - Political Thriller

Madras CafĂ© is finally one movie which I can call a perfect political thriller - takes no sides, gives no judgments, gives no views, and just shows you a black chapter from history as it happened which unfortunately my generation witnessed LIVE! Fantastic! Is the way they have made this one and hats off to Shoojit Sircar yet again (3rd time in a row) to give us a meaningful movie. One of the firing scenes between rebels and army actually reminded me of legendary “Forrest Gump” from the west, I am actually way too impressed by the quality of this one and I guess the world will see that change too in Indian Cinema – this is one movie which should set the standard for future political thrillers from our part of the world. No drama, no songs, no emotions, straight to point, I guess that’s one reason why my wife wasn’t too happy with it as she got to see no “John Abraham” show that she expected to witness – here he plays a character and gets so engrossed in it that too so convincingly that I had to tell her in the opening scene that it was him. Superb Job! Not claiming that he is going to get all Best Actor Awards but all accolades to him for playing that Army / RAW agent part extremely well. Fortunately Rajiv Gandhi was one of my favorite leaders and like a lot of others I too thought that he could have shown India a different path towards progress but that dream was short lived – how he was assassinated by whom, is all there to see in this one. Although the pace was a little slow with too much information being thrown at the audience but the built up was so strong that when the finale hit us – it made us breathless – again everything felt like :been there done that types” yet it makes a deep impact. If thriller is your idea of a movie that too made on a subject we all graduated too – this is it! A must watch for all thriller lovers and I will definitely give it a good 3/5 with two thumbs up. Not to be missed by anyone.

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