Thursday, August 29, 2013

Evil Dead (2013) - Horror

I can never forget that night when we saw the Original “Evil Dead” and its part 2 – way back in late 80’s, guess I was in 3rd or 4th standard and after watching both the movies back to back – all of us brave brothers refused to go out of the house in the night to lock the main gate for weeks. Whenever one of us tried to be a little braver than other – we will make some noises and he will run back for his life without locking the main gate. That was the impact of a “Sam Raimi” horror movie – it was indeed frightening – I saw both the parts a couple of months ago and still found them to be pretty good. Now coming back to this “Reboot” – I guess I always have an issue with reboots – this one is a more messier, bloodier and grosser then both the earlier parts put together but still it looks more silly and comical than Horror to me. May be because I have grown in age and don’t find the content to be horrific but nothing has changed, they are still out of ideas in the west and serving the same age old stuff. Although a couple of things were too good in the movie like the house, its surroundings, even the old car can be seen parked in the backyard, the book of the dead is back in the basement and that’s about it. I missed that legendry scene of chopped hand which tries to kill the man himself in this one – the hand does get chopped by a more modern electric knife but nothing happens after that. Even after knowing that it is a reboot still the expectations were quite high hence this one didn’t work for me at all and I found it a big let down in front of the original – will look forward to its upcoming sequel – hope that one succeeds in scaring me. My rating will be an average 2/5 and if you haven’t seen it – you aren’t missing anything special – I would rather recommend the original – go get them and watch them back to back.

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