Saturday, August 31, 2013

Two Mothers (2013) - Drama

A superb and stunningly shot movie based on Friendship, Love, Life and relationships. Amazing is the way it is written, although based it’s based on a book by a British writer “The Grandmothers”. Naomi Watts and Robin Wright as two mothers are aptly caste. Two childhood friends and neighbors in New South Wales’s one of the most scenic location, how they go through their lives, get married have children, one gets widowed and another’s husband leaves her for a job in Sydney and how they fall in for each other’s son, how it all creates a lot of confusion yet they remain best of friends, what happens next is a super drama with an equally superb ending. One thing that I totally loved about the movie is the way years go by so smoothly they have shot it as in one shot we see them as two little girls and in the next they grow up while everything else remains same. The transition from being kids to adults to mothers to grandmothers is so smooth, I haven’t seen a better movie or the way they have done in this one in any other movie so far. One final transition of becoming Grandmothers and the last scene of the movie is like the cherry on top. It’s a great lesson in learning that life goes on but in the end you will get where you were destined to be, try as hard as you can to change the course – in the end you will be where you should be. Although it all sounds very controversial but the handling is so good that not for one moment it crosses that line and goes overboard. The way their confusions, expressions, sacrifices and thoughts are covered is simply awesome – I am sure the book will surely be damn good – this became another of those movies which made me look forward to the book as it will give minute and great details on the same. If you like dramas based on love, life and relationship – you shouldn’t miss this one, I will definitely give it a fundoo 4/5 with a very strong recommendation for all. A movie which shouldn’t be missed by anyone.

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