Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Issaq (2013) - Romance

Another addition in the series of “How in the world these movies get made”. Amazing disaster and another addition in the resume of Supremely Talented Prateik Babbar (Only talent he has is his last name). I have no idea which Benaras they were talking about in the movie as it’s impossible to digest one where people roam around in open jeeps with machine guns and kill their rivals at the drop of a hat and nothing happens. WOW!! And to top it all – this is they claim is based on Shakespeare’s play – OMG – I am sure he must be cursing them from his grave. Flat 20 minutes and even that I guess was too much to give this movie. Let alone the lead – they even hired a super fair Indian chick – painted her hair brown, throw some accent and there you have a foreign girl. Awesome! This guy can seriously not act as many debutants they may hire to make movies or opposite him – he still looks like a super crack pot. The less said about the support cast the better – in a word – this was a total disaster. Stay away. No Ratings!

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