Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Great Gatsby (2013) - Drama

Finally I get to see a movie that I waited but unfortunately almost forgot about it once it was out of theater – don’t even remember why and how I missed it on big screen – anyways! I expected it to be a great lesson in history about some millionaire and it turns out to be a superb drama with fantastic cast, three of my favorite actors in one movie including Leonardo DiCaprio as “The Great Gatsby” – simply superb, Toby Maguire (My favorite Spiderman) as his neighbor and Carrey Mullignan as Toby’s cousin and Gatsby's love interest. One of the reasons for a lot of Indians was Amitabh Bachchan’s presence in the movie which lasts about one a half minute – I saw that scene twice J. It was better than my expectations for sure as story is nothing outstanding but the way its told and shot is truly awesome. Baz Luhrmann is anyways famous for lavish movies and I totally loved two of his earlier movies “Moulin Rouge” and “Australia”. But this one surely beats them all on a lot of departments like Cinematography for one, Thrill for two and last but not the least – Drama associated with it. LDC is again at his very best as the mysterious business magnate Jay Gatsby who holds extravagant parties (You’ve got to see it to believe it types) with superb support by Toby (a world war vet who writes his story) and an excellent roller coaster emotional ride by Carey (She fits the character). Who is Gatsby? A German spy? A prince? Or an Assassin? And how their life changes when the secret is revealed is totally awesome watch. It even is a visual delight to see the NYC of those days as captured excellently in the movie, his parties, car, body language and the heartbreaking ending, all worth the money and time. I will definitely give it a damn good 3/5 with two thumbs up, it’s a must watch for all cinema lovers, not to be missed at any cost.

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