Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) - Science Fiction

Star Trek is one of my all time favorite franchise that goes way back like 2 or more decades when we had the TV series of same name. Sunday used to be an epic day for us during those days – thanks to Star Trek – Captain Kirk, Spock and his team – who can forget those days – it was simply rocking stuff then and it still is totally amazing. No wonder this became one of the highest grossing movies of the series which almost made like $500 million worldwide. I still remember that my mom used to blackmail us to take bath and have breakfast if we wanted to watch “Star Trek” on TV every Sunday and we will follow her orders as we just couldn’t miss one episode. What I love about this series (Movie) is that they don’t waste any time in giving us the background or whereabouts rather they hit the ground running hard and that’s one thing that this series followers love actually. In reality it is very tough for me to decide what I not like about this series, starting from those out of the world space ships to those gadgets that they have to talk to each other, space suits to fly from one ship to another, teleporting devices, those white corridors that they keep running in, even the title music is so damn cool, it gives me Goosebumps every time it comes onscreen, the new turbo that they have got for their ship is one new thing I guess – Whooof! And they travel so many light years in seconds – it’s all totally amazing and the makers make sure to put a smile on our faces whenever we see them on big screen. Who care’s where the story goes as long as it goes anywhere we know that Captain Kirk and Spock will save the world in the end and will always be a great team to look forward to. Each and every character in the whole series is fantastic – I could never forget those names other than Captain and Spock like Uhura, Scotty, Doc McCoy, Zulu etc. This time they are almost 200 years ahead of our time and the whole enterprise is in danger from a terrorist on the run – their target is to get him back to earth and prosecute – how they do that is the movie all about. It is out n out a damn good visual treat for the fans and even otherwise it works big time like an independent movie for someone who has no clue about its past as well. I will give it a good 3/5 and a must watch recommendation for all.

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