Monday, August 12, 2013

Sixteen (2013) - Drama / Thriller

Another brilliant movie which went almost unnoticed largely because it wasn’t marketed at all – I don’t remember seeing a single promo of this one anywhere – second – it had almost an unknown cast barring Zakir Hussain as one of the parents of a teenager. Still – it turns out to be an excellent movie – so far the best on the subject made yet in India. It is simply superb the way Writer / Director has captured – What goes inside the head of a teenager in a particular situation and how they react to it. Since I’ve dealt with a lot of teenagers in last year or so – I can very well say that this movie shocked / surprised and made me agree with its point of view, even the ending is simply superb and solution offered is something you will mostly agree with. The best part is that we all have gone through this period in our life, although the time was different then and the society has changed so much in today’s time. (Taken from Wiki): The movie is based upon young boys and girls of India. Anu is carefree and ambitious girl who wants to be a model. Nidhi is a girl who is innocent and 'Miss virgin'of group. Tanisha is mature than her age and likes guys older than her. She lives with her aunt since her parents passed away in an accident. She wants a perfect guy-with good sense of humour, good looks and intelligence. Ashwin belongs to a middle class family with a strict dad who wants him to be an IAS. How their life changes and what they do with it makes up for the movie – if it was in my hands – I would make this movie a compulsory subject in all the school and colleges – even for all the parents – this is a must watch. Its gives a superb insight and works like a brilliant eye opener of sorts for parents – I will definitely give it a good 3/5 with two thumbs up rating. It’s a must watch if you haven’t seen it – do not miss it at any cost.

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