Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Killing Season (2013) - Action / Thriller

It’s not too hard to like a movie when you see it with a bent of mind that you are going to love it anyways ;) – I am big time biased towards a couple of stars and Robert De Niro is one of the biggest of them all – call him daddy of my favorite stars and we’ve been big fans of John Travolta since his “Rock n Roll” days – so no doubt this was a double treat for us. Third big reason for watching this was the background of the movie – superb! Two War Veterans – One a recluse living a life of oblivion – another his blood thirsty enemy – what happens next is a cat and mouse game of who kills whom first – it is no doubt big time predictable yet it works solely because of the outstanding job done by both the leads – I actually didn’t wanted no one to come in between them and what a fantastic movie this one turns out to be. Barring the ending - which was a little difficult for me to digest – yet I could live with it – with hopes – who knows they may come out with a sequel ;). Movies with these guys make me think hard that – is it really the Director doing anything with actors like them? As so many scenes, lines, expressions etc are so typically De Niro’d and Travlota’d that it looks like this one was written for them and they were given ample of freedom to do how they could do it best – totally amazing. If you are a fan of any of them – go watch it – you are sure to like it if not love. I am definitely giving it a biased but good 3/5, will take away half credit for the ending but still it makes up for a superb watch.

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