Thursday, August 22, 2013

Parker (2013) - Action / Thriller

Another run of the mill Jason Statham action movie which will again be loved by his loyal fans like yours sincerely. It’s actually fun to watch him do the same stuff again and again – I fail to understand why we as his fans never get tired of his histrionics. Even this one is no different with a robbery gone wrong, a big fall out, his partners almost kill him and walk away with the booty, he steals one ambulance, a truck and two cars in mere first 20 minutes of the movie and robs another check cashing store before heading towards Florida to find the four guys and take his revenge. What happens next is a cat and mouse game between him and those guys, a couple of hit man behind him all the while, a girl friend and mentor to take care and an estate agent who falls for him. Although it’s a little too long for “non Jason Statham fans” but worked for me big time on entertainment quotient, Nick Nolte in a brief role as his mentor was simply bonus to watch him again in a movie and I was actually confused to see “Jennifer Lopez” doing the comic part in the movie, guess she is as desperate to be in a movie again as her character was in this one. Can’t even call her eye candy as she has lost it big time and long ago, even that brief strip act in the movie doesn’t work in her favor. Action as I said is run of the mill stuff, but still I will call it a good time pass movie and will definitely rate it as a 3/5 with two thumbs up and recommendation to all his fans. Do not miss it.

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