Friday, August 30, 2013

D - Day (2013) - Thriller

After reading so many positive reviews on the movie I waited for a better print as somehow missed it again on big screen. Obviously the expectations were way too high as when you make a movie on India’s most wanted and Worlds second most wanted criminal “Dawood Ibrahim” in lead – it’s got to be an action packed movie. But what it turns out to be a total mish mash work of fiction as I totally missed who was directing it – and it was “Nikhil Advani” – Holy mother of god! What were the producers – whoever they are – were thinking before assigning him this movie? I wondered who wrote and scripted this one. I guess they are almost unknown people hence I will spare them a chance. The makers were totally confused as what to make, should we make an out n out thriller? Or should we make a movie with spy’s and their families in the background? A mercenary with a heart of gold who feels for a prostitute? Almost everyone who had to sacrifice his / her life in catching or killing the gangster had a background, so R&AW couldn’t get hold of those guys who would die for their nation? Not even in a movie? Oh I forgot again that this was a work of fiction with some real time instances in between which had rocked “India” not so long ago. Was I supposed to be entertained by this? In what way? It wasn’t thrilling for one, neither I could feel for any of the characters – even a guy like Irfan Khan who I myself love big time isn’t convincing in this one because once he plays a character as good as an Indian spy – he won’t shed a tear for his dying wife and son – C’mon – I bet he won’t but since its Nikhil “Kal Ho Na Ho” Advani behind it – almost everybody cries for his own family back home. Unfortunately the movie offers nothing new that we haven’t seen so far in so many movies made in last couple of years – this one although takes it one step ahead. Spoiler Ahead: They even catch him this time and guess what – they drag him to India and shoot him dead on the border itself, after he delivers a kickass speech in the end, that scene deserves accolades as it was the best part of the movie which had us in splits, couldn’t believe that they indeed made Dawood (Onscreen) say all that shit. Still I will give it a good 2/5 – one for Irfan Khan and half each for Rishi Kapoor and Arjun Rampal. Go ahead if you haven’t seen – it’s an average time pass with a classic dreamy finish.

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