Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Man of Steel (2013) - Super Hero

I simply skipped it after reading that it was another reboot – right after the disaster called “Amazing Spiderman” which left me heartbroken – that was one movie I will always remember cause I almost walked out midway when my wife stopped me and I somehow saw it full. But I must say this one turns out surprisingly good not only because of superb casting but because it doesn’t take that much time in coming to the point and not for one moment makes you feel like you are being spoon fed the whole Godamn story that we already know by heart. Superman for me and my generation will always be “Christopher Reeve” and anyone playing that character will always be compared with him big time. This one worked for me as “Henry Cavill” was almost unknown to me and he was simply superb in the character – hope he continues in the sequels. Efforts by the whole team are visible in the movie – especially when you see some big names associated with the movie like “Chris Nolan / Hans Zimmer / Zack Snyder” etc. Also, the support cast is too good, starting from Russell Crowe as Superman’s Dad, Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as his parents on earth, Amy Adams as his girl friend, Lawrence Fishburne as her boss (not a big role) but Michael Shannon takes the cake – fantastic portrayal of a killer villain yet again by him. Rest of the things are balanced out by Action and background score which again is fantastic and the good part is – it never looks over done. Again it’s America under attack by General Zod (Shanon) and his remaining team from Krypton the dead planet in search of Kal El (Superman) – the finale is a mind-blowing action sequence done too good and totally worth the entire money one spends on the movie. If it wasn’t for the Amazing Spiderman’s disaster – I would’ve seen it on big screen – now I’ve gotta wait for its Blue Ray launch in very near future. The movie definitely gets a 3/5 from my side with two thumbs recommendation for those who missed it for some silly reason like mine. Go for it – do not miss it anymore.

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