Sunday, March 17, 2013

3G (2013) - Horror

My decision of not watching trailers paid off this time as I didn’t see a single trailer of this one and straight went ahead with no expectations whatsoever. Being a Neil Nitin Mukesh fan since his first film – this one unfortunately doesn’t works for him either as it starts with a Bang! But soon in the first half hour only derails totally, before turning idiotic to a super stupid climax. Although I must say this that it’s a stunningly beautifully shot movie right from the very start and it’s a guarantee you haven’t seen the Fiji they have shown in this one anywhere else, full credit to Keiko Nakahara for its superb cinematography. Neil Nitin Mukesh is a good actor when compared to his counterparts but unfortunately it’s too much weight to be carried on his fragile shoulders; unfortunately neither he has a personality nor the panache to carry it forward, he doesn’t look one bit menacing or scary in the scenes he is supposed to give those killer looks rather I found him funny and he actually made us laugh. Initial half hour to first 45 minutes is simply too good and stunningly shot with a fantastic background score which actually shocked us a couple of times and soured our expectations but then onwards it takes a nose dive never to pick up ever again leading to as I said “A super stupid climax”. It’s actually a revenge drama depending on out of this world 3G technology – imagine a dead man is trying to kill all those responsible for his girl friend’s murder from his own hands. Whatever that may sound to you. Sonal Chouhan and Mrinalini Sharma both make a big mark through this movie – I never knew that they could look this good ever and if you plan to see this – I must tell you this too – watch out for the last ten minutes of the movie – it’s a typical porn movie stuff with Mrinalini Sharma giving an unbelievable shot (from Indian standards) that I couldn’t believe my eyes what I saw. Its another fantastic opportunity lost for poor Neil – full sympathies with him, I am sure the marked anyways had no expectations from this one and it will sink soon. Give it a miss but do get a good DVD print and watch out for the first 45 minutes – now don’t miss that after my recommendation. My ratings – 2/5, One for the Cinematography and the other one for background score.

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