Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chopper (2000) - Crime Thriller (Biography)

Somehow I missed it earlier but couldn’t miss it any long after I was told that the title character of Mark Brandon “Chopper” was played by Eric Bana. I could never imagine him in that kind of a character as he is too cute, sensible, serious and fragile looking guy – how would he fare as a criminal killer was beyond me. Boy O Boy – I was surely in for a super surprise – what a fantastic movie it turns out to be especially for those who love Blood n Gory movie about killers who love killing people for no rhyme or reason on top of that the punch line of the movie is “I never killed anyone that didn’t deserve it”. It’s based on the autobiographical novel by Mark Brandon Chopper himself, who I guess became a bestseller novelist behind the bars. This movie is all about his histrionics in the Australian underworld, his experiences of in and out of jail since he was 16. How he becomes a leader, makes his own gang, gets back stabbed and kills anybody and everybody having issues with him. Rocking is the way how they have made this one and Eric Bana is super in the lead character – he actually gets into the skin of the character and actually looks totally like the real Chopper. His body language, accent, the way he talks, laughs, stabs and gets stabbed is out of this world. The movie actually has a great shocking value and it indeed made me jump couple of times on my chair. It has its own comic timings too and it’s too good to see him doing all of that and being proud of it too. The way he interviews with TV people and proudly watches it with cops in his cell at the end of the movie is truly awesome. If you like thrillers and crime movies – you must see this as this is one of the very best from the genre. Totally amazing job and I will definitely rate it a damn good 4/5 with two thumbs up. A must watch for all thriller /crime lovers.

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