Friday, March 08, 2013

DeadFall (2012) - Crime Drama

I totally love the movies with sudden shocking moments, unexpected twists and turns, with leads starting from one point targeting to reach an end, being chased by someone with enough of action and if it has a love angle thrown in – the better. This had almost everything of that sort that too in perfect doses with one of my favorite guy “Eric Bana” in lead but in a heart breaking negative role. I saw him in a movie after such a long time (If you do not count “Avengers”) and yet it looks like this too didn’t work at the box office. C’mon man! How someone can put such a cute guy that too as a villain and I hoped secretly for his survival but would he? Check out the movie to see it for yourself. Addison (Eric Bana) and his sister Lisa (Olivia Wilde) are on lose after a robbery gone wrong with a lot of cash, looking forward to escape to Canada without getting noticed by anyone. A parallel track of Jay (Charlie Hunnam) X con after serving his sentence is an Olympic Gold Medal winner coming back to his parent’s house right after he beats his own coach black and blue – thinking he has killed him is on a run from another conviction. Both of these tracks and people meet at Jay’s home with the county Sheriff and his brave daughter Hannah (Kate Mara) who is about to join FBI are already on the lookout for these people. What happens next and in between is a cat and mouse game between criminals and cops shot in a very interesting and gripping way. That too with precise 90 minutes of its running time makes it for a perfect crime drama if you ask me. As the name suggests – a lot of people are shot dead obviously for a reason and some do fight for their life before killing each other. If you like thrillers – chances are you are going to like it. I will certainly rate it a good 2.5/5 and will call it a good one time watch for sure.

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